Luci Cabrera started her singing career in high school in the Bronx as Gloria Thorpe in Damn Yankees where she was also part of the gospel choir. Luci was part of an acapella group in college, and has worked in duo projects with Bible Johnson and DJ Russ. She’s also worked briefly with several bands including Tradewinds, Jump Off, Lokedo and Undercover. Her longest career is currently with Soul Purpose. Lucí joins Way Back When band summer of 2020.

1964 New York In a basement with all the guitars and vocals coming out of one amp and a drum set. Bobby D’Andrea, with some friends from St Jerome grammar school in Brooklyn, put together a group called The Strays. The band became very popular in the late 60 s playing local churches, dances and clubs, and in the 70 s the band traveled up and down the East Coast from Florida to New Jersey. For a long time after that, Bobby stayed away from music to raise a family. In 2007 his wife read an article in Long Island Newsday about a competition for New York State Senior Idol. Bobby entered and became a finalist. Since then his passion for music returned with a vengeance. Now Bobby is with Way Back When on lead vocals and guitar. The harmonies, the music and the playing will bring you back to when it all began for Bobby -This time with better equipment!

Don has been a New York resident since 1977, growing up in Philly listening to blues, soul and rock. Since moving to New York, Don has been in bands playing the gamut of music – everything from Modern Country, Old School Twang and Rock to Neil Diamond and Linda Ronstadt. A member of numerous tribute bands, Don has played all over the Five Boroughs and up and down the East Coast. He had a 7 year run with Arlene’s World Famous Live Karaoke Band at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City, appearing on stage with sports stars, recording artists, and in a viral live video with actor Jim Carrey. When he’s not playing guitar, he builds web sites and collects guitars.

I started playing music in 4th grade. Was playing in my first working band at 16 years old in Queens N.Y. during the Beatles revolution. Played with various dance and original music bands through the years. Graduated from CUNY in 1976 with BA in music and a K thru secondary teaching certificate. Went on to teach privately and record with various music projects and did a stint working for a jingle house doing radio jingles for clients. Presently I am playing keyboards for SOUL MATES, an R&B duo, UNBOUND, a classic rock power house group and last but not least with WAY BACK WHEN, a high energy group playing the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

As the band’s manager he ensures our busy schedule, booking the bands appearances throughout the tri-state area. As a bass player, he has always loved the music of the 60’s 70’s & 80’s, and has put together some of the most talented singers and musicians to form The Way Back When Band.

Bob was born and raised in Northport Long Island, and has been playing music since he was 12 (mostly Drums, but also bass guitar). He was Influenced by drummers like John Bonham from Led Zeppelin and Liberty Devito From Billy Joel’s band. Bob is a Fan of all music styles, and is also the long-time drummer for The Moonshine Band among others. Rob owns RMD Auto and Marine Repair in East Northport and lives in Moriches New York with his wife Margaret and their two boys, Bobby and Colby.